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This year marks the beginning of a new four-year School Strategic Plan cycle. The School Strategic Plan (SSP) is a key planning document which strives to improve student learning, student engagement and well-being, and student pathways and transitions. The Senior Advisor for WELS at South Western Region, Anne Fox, has endorsed our SSP as “precise and well thought through." We look forward to working through this cycle and improving outcomes for our students and the wider WELS community. 

At this point I would like to acknowledge that our school has recently achieved eSmart status through the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.  This means that we promote and model smart, safe and responsible use of technology in our school and within the school community.  If you would like more information about the eSmart program please speak to the eSmart Committee member at your closest WELS campus or outpost.

The Western English Language School has a proven culture of high level performance and development. The efforts of a dedicated, highly skilled staff result in excellent student achievements.  The vision of the school is to empower newly arrived students through the delivery of an excellent English as an Additional Language (EAL) curriculum to assist in their future success through strong working relationships with educational providers in the West.

Western English Language School (WELS), located in Melbourne, Australia, is a multi-campus Victorian government school providing high quality EAL programs for primary and secondary aged students at a number of sites in the South Western Region of Victoria.  There is one additional English Language Centre in the South Western Region – Geelong English Language Centre.

Newly arrived students from language backgrounds other than English in the South Western Region are entitled to English Language support when they first arrive in Australia subject to an initial assessment undertaken by staff at the South West Regional Office, the English Language School and English Language Centre.

Eligible students are provided with teaching programs which focus on providing them with the English language skills and cultural understanding they need, to participate successfully in Australian schooling systems and society.

Teachers at WELS are highly experienced EAL teachers who understand the diverse needs of newly arrived students. The school provides a supportive and nurturing environment and a range of services to assist students to adjust to life in a new country.

In preparing students for participation in mainstream schooling and Australian society, WELS aims to:

  • develop students' awareness and understanding of Australia as a multi-cultural society
  • provide a comprehensive, challenging and culturally inclusive curriculum which fosters acceptance and understanding of other cultures and beliefs
  • engender in students, a sense of confidence, pride and self-awareness
  • treat students as individuals with their own needs, interests, abilities and aspirations
  • WELS works closely with parents, community organisations, primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions to ensure that  newly arrived students and families thrive in their new community.

News & Events

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  • 25 April - ANZAC DAY  - Public Holiday
  • 26 April -  NAPCCO Curriculum Day- Student Free day
  • 20 May - WELS Curriculum Day - Student Free Day
  • 13 June - Queens Birthday - Public Holiday

Enrolments for the Victorian School of Languages in 2016 are still being taken.  For further information visit www.vsl.vic.edu.au