Our Vision & Values

WELS empowers students to develop the practical and
academic language skills needed in mainstream settings
within a safe and supportive environment. Our vision is
underpinned by respect, responsibility and caring
as well as community connections.

Western English Language School (WELS), located in Melbourne, Australia, is a government primary and secondary coeducational school. It provides newly arrived students in the South-West Victoria Region with their first experience of an Australian school.

Students attend WELS for an intensive program in English Language prior to enrolment in a mainstream setting. It is the goal of our experienced and passionate staff to provide students with the English language, literacy and cultural understandings necessary to engage successfully in the mainstream and wider community.

WELS has a number of locations across the South-West Victoria Region including: 

  • Braybrook Campus
  • Footscray Campus
  • Laverton Campus
  • Manor Lakes Campus
  • St. Albans Outpost
  • Wyndham Campus
  • Visiting Outpost Program

News & Events

Please check other locations for more detailed information and events

2018 Term Dates 

Term 1  30 January - 29 March

Term 2  16 April - 29 June

Term 3  16 July - 21 September

Term 4  8 October - 21 December